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Tai-Nicholas.jpgThe draw for the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Stage 2 FIFA World Cup qualifying draw has been finalized with the New Zealand vs. Fiji match at North Harbour Stadium, Saturday 13th October, 2007, opening the four team home and away tournament. OFC General Secretary Tai Nicholas said the delay in formally announcing the draw was necessary to ensure all competing member associations were happy with the new fixture list. “There were sensitivities surrounding this draw. Both Fiji and New Zealand were prepared for an October start and had changed their domestic fixture lists, booked stadiums and reached agreements with local television broadcasters regarding coverage so it was crucial OFC helped ensure these contracts endured. However, New Caledonia wanted to delay the start of the tournament to November so they could book stadia and promote the matches adequately.  In Vanuatu’s case, there is the need to ensure their stadium in Port Vila is up to standard and they preferred a November start date,” Nicholas said. 

                DATE     MATCH                KICK-OFF
SAT     13/10/07          New Zealand vs. Fiji    1600hrs NZT
WED   17/10/07          Fiji vs. New Zealand
SAT    17/11/07          Vanuatu vs. New Zealand
SAT     17/11/07          Fiji vs. New Caledonia
WED   21/11/07          New Zealand vs. Vanuatu    
WED   21/11/07          New Caledonia vs. Fiji
SAT    14/06/08          Vanuatu vs. New Caledonia
SAT    21/06/08          New Caledonia vs. Vanuatu
SAT     06/09/08          New Caledonia vs. New Zealand       
SAT    06/09/08          Fiji vs. Vanuatu        
WED   10/09/08          New Zealand vs. New Caledonia       
WED   10/09/08          Vanuatu vs. Fiji        

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