FIFA course ends with some recommendations

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A whole week is necessary for the FIFA instructor James Doyen to transfer his futsal knowledge to Vanuatu referees and coaches. He appreciated participants’ effort and courage during the training as they went through different aspects of refereeing and coaching lessons. But as Mr. Doyen pointed out that their real learning is on the field every day with their players.
The VFF RDO Harry Atison involved in this FIFA course by leading the refereeing lesson. Mr. Atison delivered some outstanding teaching that the FIFA instructor acknowledged him for his involvement. Mr. Doyen stated at the end of the course that it is necessary the refereeing should be the same but not different from a province to another one. He asked coaches to always respect referees and their decision and to greet them at the end of game. He also explained the subjectivity and the objectivity of referees. “Referees are important people in the game and all their decision should be respected because they played an important role during the game. And they have a different task as coaches for the development of futsal”, stated Mr. Doyen.
The FIFA instructor explained that the course is completed and everything is not perfect in the organization, in the foods and in the accommodation, but he pointed out that the perfect world did not exist. He called on course participants to keep in mind that futsal is part of the big family: football family. Mr. Doyen is extremely convinced that futsal can only be developed if we train coaches and referees all together. He assured VFF that if
Vanuatu wants to have best futsal players then there are need to produce best coaches.
He quotes: “More we got knowledge, more we realized of the immensity of knowledge that should possess. Futsal is not a fashion, not a dream but a sport from his own, and for that it must be respected”. And the FIFA President, Joseph S. Blatter wan the futsal to be the No 1 indoor sport discipline in the world.
The FIFA instructor warned “that to develop futsal in
Vanuatu, you have to be serious, to be professional and to be punctual. Without punctuality we can not progress but we need to progress to lift the futsal in a high standard.

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