TAFEA FC in preparation for O-League

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Qualified for the OFC O-league competition, after the tournament in New Caledonia last june, Tafea FC is now ready to start the O-League competition. In the group B with Kossa FC (Solomon Islands) and BA FC (Fiji ), they will play home and away games against these two teams. The winner of this group will play the home and away final against the winner of group A : Waitakere United FC and Auckland city FC (New Zealand) and As Manu Ura (Tahiti). The OFC Winner will participate to the FIFA Clubs Championship in Japan next year.

The Match Schedule :
27th October : KOSSA FC (
Solomon Islands) – TAFEA FC
31st October : BA FC (
Fiji) – TAFEA FC
20th February : TAFEA FC – BA FC
24th February : KOSSA FC – BA FC
26th March : TAFEA FC – KOSSA FC
29th March : BA FC – KOSSA FC

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