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Together-kids-the-finals.jpgThe new stage of this project is now opened, with the competitions between the schools. The first finales take place in the islands, and will be followed by the provincial finales and the national final for the best schools. The national final of November 20, International day of Youth and date selected to celebrate the 50 years of the creation of the European, will designate the school that will represent Vanuatu at the OFC Youth Festival in New Caledonia next year, last stage of this project.

The matches  are play on grass, on a pitch with the size  of FUTSAL (40 m. * 20 m., Goals : 3 m. * 2 m.)
Every school is composed by a number limited of participants whose detail is given below:  A teacher of the school. This teacher is responsible for the facts and gestures of the players of his school.
6 players with at least a girl. All the children must be born in 1996 or 1997. 
The composition of the teams is the following: 5 players (one is the goalkeeper) + 1 substitute. For every match, a girl must play a half-time inevitably.
The duration of the matches will be made according to the tournaments - number of teams, pitches and matches.
The Fair Play will be present for all  this programme, and before and after each match, the players, the coaches and the referees will shake hand.
Brand image of a club / of a school passes also by the good behaviour of his players. Coaches and teachers of teams have to educate our youth while making respect a state of sportsmanship.
To have more details, please contact VFF and the Provincial Associations of Football.

The regulations of  the tournaments

Le règlement des compétitions

Organisation of the tournaments

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