Teouma pitch used for the first

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Teouma-Match.jpgThe Teouma Football Academy field has hosted 2 senior matches on Saturday 27. First match has been played between Yatel FC and Ifira Black Bird. And Yatel won the match 5 – 1. Erakor Golden Star and Westan Vert have played the second match. Despite a very strong and close game in the first and second half but Erakor Captain Robert Yellou confirmed their win over Westan Vert in penalty.  Erakor Golden Star displayed a very good game after wining the match with a 3 – 2 score.
For the firs time ever the President of Port Vila Football Association, Robert Calvo has moved some senior matches to the pitch of
Teouma Football Academy. Vanufoot.com has conducted interviews with some players on Saturday during the games about the condition of the pitch and all answers are in favor for the use of the pitch in regular basis.

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