Maltock unopposed candidate for the VFF top position

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The Malampa strong man Lambert Maltock will be the unopposed candidate at the upcoming VFF presidential election during the congress to be held in Teouma Football Academy on November 17th.  Independent understood that a well known businessman Saby Natonga has also submit his application to contest the election but has finally withdraw  his candidature for unknown reason.
The VFF congress is scheduled for November 17 to elect the unopposed candidate Lambert Maltock to replace the former President Jacques Tronquet that his term will expire at the end of this year. The application of Mr. Maltock has been supported by Port Vila and Shefa Associations while Natonga’s application came from Tafea Association.
Over 20 years in the service of
Malampa Province as Secretary General, Lambert Maltock served both side: football and administration. He created Malekula Football Association that becomes today the Malampa Football Association. Under his initiative, Malekula, Ambrym and Paama have their own leagues. He is a strong promoter of football and his contribution towards the development of football has been recognized by the Oceania Football Confederation.  He initiated with the President of Malampa Province, Pierre Chanel Worwor the setting up of football club in Port Vila called Malampa Football Club that its official launching has been made by the Minister for Agriculture Donna Browny last month.

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