Second stage of FIFA gold project to complete in April

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Academy-works.jpgA technical meeting has been held on Friday 8th February at the Teouma football Academy to oversee the works to be carried out for the second stage of FIFA Gold Project. The meeting, attended by the VFF President, Lambert Maltock, the FIFA development officer, Glen Turner, the OFC consultant within the VFF, Yvon Avry and the site architect, Sandrino to discuss works at this second stage.
This project will see the construction of a dormitory, 4 rooms for officials, a conference room, a medical room, a kitchen to be fully equipped and two changing rooms to be used before and after the game. 
Works are excepting to complete on April and the
Vanuatu Football Academy will fully operate on May this year. After the completion of the site, the centre can receive business meeting and sport delegation for outside teams who wish to come in Vanuatu. The second stage will be followed by the construction of 2 pitches for futsal and one for beach soccer at the same area of Football Academy.
FIFA development Officer, Glen Turner was in Port Vila last week to witness the beginning of the construction as to report back to FIFA on the development of
Vanuatu second stage. The new project is very important as to help VFF to develop his elite football.

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