VFF applauds realization of Temarii project in Vanuatu

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computers--for-Associations.jpgThe president of Oceania Football Confederation, Reynald Temarii realized another project for people of Vanuatu. This project is to establishment of offices for every VFF member associations with the installation of computer systems and telephones.
The objective of the project is to allow the VFF to have regular contact with his member associations and to collect up to date information concerning football activities and competitions throughout the
country. These data would be very useful not only for the VFF but also for the OFC and FIFA for any future project proposal.
The VFF President Lambert Maltock, first vice president Saby Natonga and second vice president, Leong Kathy handed over computer sets to presidents of member associations, on Monday 18 February during a brief ceremony held at the
Chantilly’s on the Resort.  The second part of the project is to recruit 2 development officers within each association. The salaries of these officers will be paid by the OFC with 50%, the VFF will contribute with 25% and provincial government with 25%. 
The President of Penama Football Association, Willy Leo confirmed to Daily Sport that Temarii project will be very useful and turns a new page of football history in
Vanuatu as every member associations have now offices with fully equipped materials. “In the past years, some associations never had offices, and they used football field as the place to carry out their duties. With the new project, members associations will see their task very easy to carry out and to drive football to another step forward.
Vanuafoot.com has been informed that some associations rented Provincial government offices be there were no chaises and tables. The new project with new offices and office equipments will be healthy enough to work for the best interest of Vanuatu football. 

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