A football material for Vanuatu school children

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Booklet-Together-kids.jpgSchool children throughout the Vanuatu archipelago will have the opportunity to access a football book published by the VFF. This material follows the Together Kids Program to enable kids to practice football at their early age. This program has been initiated by the President of OFC Reynald Temarii during his last visit in Vanuatu, on November 2006 in partnership with the TVL, the European Union, the French Embassy, the Vanuatu Government and the VFF.
The OFC consultant within the VFF headquarter, Yvon Avry is the editor of the material that has 80 pages. Published in French and English, this material will be distributed to every francophone and Anglophones schools in
Vanuatu. The official handing over of the book to the Vanuatu Government has been held on Friday last week. Those who witnessed the ceremony are the French Ambassador, Pierre Mayaudon, FIFA development officer, Glen Turner and Commercial Manager of TVL, Fred Samuel. The book is seen as an important tool for the football development in Vanuatu. With this, pupils can start to build their football career and to grow up with football.
This book received the Ministry of Education’s approval to be part of officials teaching materials for primary schools in the country. The material highlights general practice of sport activities, basic training of a young football player (coordination and football basic technique) summary of French Football reference, the information on the Fair Play, the Summary of training recommended by the French Football Association and the FIFA.
In this book, public can also discover the organization of competitions, registration of forms and organization of activities. The book takes also note of the information on Ministry for Health and Environment: Red Cross, Live and Learn Environmental Education, Foundation of the South Pacific and the Ministry of Health.
The VFF President, Lambert Maltock presented the document to the representative of the Government, John Gedeon. In his address, Mr. Maltock explains that his Federation is proud to release this book that contains rich teaching in football. “
Vanuatu pupils will use it to discover football techniques and values.
President Temarii has strongly believed that some
Vanuatu youths have potential to become best football star and asked the Vanuatu Government to introduce football in school as to allow pupils to grow up with football in order to send some in Professional level. This material is similar to football lessons taught in French Territories and some African countries.

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