“Vanuatu under 23 Olympic to find semi professional players”: Naupa

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U23-Preparation.jpgThe team Manager of the Squad, Jonathan Naupa describes the preparation of this squad as the beginning of a new era to find Vanuatu semi professional players. He made the comment, during a training session on Monday last week at Antoine Rossi field, when he calls all members of the pre squad to put efforts in their preparation. Mr. Naupa, who is a football fan, gave assurance that he will do his best to help them materially and morally to fulfill their dream at the OFC Olympic Qualifiers that schedules from 1st to 9th March in Fiji.
In an interview with Vanuafoot.com, this local businessman said he believed that his squad can do very well in this
Fiji tournament as to make the Vanuatu football shine at Beijing on August this year.
“When the VFF appointed me at this position, I am glad to take up because I am confident that I will use my experience and fund to take the boys to
Fiji then to Olympic Games in China that Vanuatu never reached this level. In Vanuatu, it is difficult to find works but I am appealing to you all to put extra effort in training and to use football as a means to improve your professional life, added the team Manager.
He strongly believed that
Vanuatu is one of the best football nations in the region and ask his boys to take the Fiji qualifiers tournament to showcase their capability. Mr. Naupa went on to explain the importance of mental straight, a quality to be adopted by all players during matches. He said he will take in charge of the physiologic preparation as to make sure that when players enter the pitch, they already believe of the victory despite any situation they faced.

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