VFF signs partnership agreement with Air Vanuatu

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Partnership-with-air-Vanuatu.jpgAir Vanuatu becomes the official partner of the VFF as from Monday 18th February. This follows a partnership agreement between Vanuatu Football Federation and the National Flag career, Air Vanuatu. The official ceremony has been held on Monday 18th February at the Chantilly’s on the Bay Resort between the VFF President Lambert Maltock and Air Vanuatu Sales and Marketing General Manager, Ted Drew. Were present during the signing ceremony were members of the VFF Executive and the Manager of Sales and Marketing Department of Air Vanuatu, Ms Christelle Boudier.
With this partnership, Air
Vanuatu would be the second largest local company, after the Telecom Vanuatu Ltd, to officially support the VFF in developing and promoting football in Vanuatu. The signing agreement makes a momentous ceremony of another milestone in the development of football partnership in this archipelago.
As the VFF President said: “Desire for VFF to have on board as permanent or a live partner on developing and promoting the game of football in our country and the region has been a long time dream for our past and present football leaders, Even though, Air Vanuatu have been helping the VFF in many of its developing programs in the past years up until now, there has never been any kind of proper agreement to bind this relation of cooperation”.
Mr. Maltock said that as the new President of VFF he is very happy to be able to witness this dream come through of most distinctive partner such as the unique national airline of
Vanuatu. With this, the children and rural population, especially parent of those kids who love football and who are fanatic of football will be extremely happy with Air Vanuatu contribution to football development.
He assured Mr. Drew mo Ms Boudier that this new partnership agreement would not take lightly but indeed, it is extremely important for the VFF as a charitable organization relies heavily in partnership to make football game also an effective tool to help
Vanuatu build better citizens.
Air Vanuatu Sales and Marketing General Manager, Ted Drew said the board and the Management of Air
Vanuatu are very happy to enter partnership with the VFF as to help football development.  This is the first time that Air Vanuatu has developed his partnership agreement with the VFF, a better sign to support the VFF to carry out his responsibilities.
Under this partnership agreement, Air
Vanuatu will offer discount for local traveling and regional traveling to VFF.
This is an annual partnership agreement and will be renew under mutual understanding of both parties. And the VFF must submit a report to Air
Vanuatu at the end of every year.

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