O-LEAGUE: TAFEA FC vs. BA FC - Final score: 2-1

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undefinedFantastic Victory for Tafea FC against Fiji champions Ba in this OFC O-League Group B match at Port Vila Municipal Stadium.
Ba have been under consistent pressure from the home side as a crowd of 3,500
Next game next month against KOSSA FC to wim the Group B
congratulations to TAFEA FC, the dream continues
14'- GOAL! Jean Nako Naprapol fends off a defender goes one on one with Laisenia Tuba and slots the ball home reminiscent of his strike against
New Zealand in the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Qualifiers!
45'- Referee Mike Hester signals the end of the first half of an absorbing match
52'- PENALTY! - Jacques MAFIL NAWAN pulls down Malakai TIWA in the penalty area and its a penalty to Ba!
58'- GOAL! A sensational goal by Avinesh SWAMY for Ba whose long range shot hits the crossbar then the inside of the post to make it 1-1
84'- GOAL! Samson OBED makes it 2-1 to Tafea FC and Ba's OFC O-League hopes hang by a thread
TAFEA: 1. David CHILIA [GK]; 2.
Samson OBED; 3. Jacques MAFIL NAWAN; 4. Ephraim KALORIB; 6. Fedy VAVA; 7. Moise POIDA; 8. Pita David MAKI; 9. Jean Nako NAPRAPOL; 11. Etienne MERMER; 12. Hubert NAKE; 13. Francois SAKAMA.
SUBS: 10. Richard IWAI; 16. Alphonse Welin QORIG; 17. Geoffrey Lego GETE; 18. Silas NAMATAK; 20. Alista KALIP; 22. Shem SIPAI [GK]; 24. Timothy JOB.
Coach: Michael KALO
BA: 1. Laisenia TUBA; 2. Avinesh SWAMY; 3. Shalen LAL; 5. Rinal PRASAD; 6. Jone VESIKULA; 7. Tuimasi MANUCA; 8. Keni DOIDOI; 9. Josaia BUKALIDI; 10. Ronaldo CHANDRA; 12. Niumaia TAGI; 13. Kiniviliame TURAGALAILAI;
SUBS: 14. Jone SOROLO; 15. Manoa MASI; 16. Malakai TIWA; 17. Malakai KAINIHEWE; 18. Epeli CODRO (GK).
Coach: Yogendra DUTT
Referee: Mike HESTER (NZL)

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