Fenedy Masauvakalo and Richard Iwai inspired Mitchelton FC.

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Fenedy Mausavakalo scored a stunning 30 metre goal for Mitchelton in his debut game against top of the table Rochedale Rovers on Saturday night.  Two-nil down at halftime to the powerful Rochedale, Mitchelton started to edge their way back into the game in the second half.  Richard Iwai played a Man of the Match performance on the right side of attack for Mitchelton, being a constant menace to the Rochedale defence.  Midway through the second half Fenedy played a beautiful through ball for Richard who struck a fierce shot on goal only to have his shot hit one post, fly across the goal and hit the other post before coming back out to the Rochedale defence to clear.
With twenty minutes to go, Fenedy Mausavakalo sent the Mitchelton supporters into raptures when he received the ball wide on the left hand side, beat three defenders and hit a stunning shot from 30 metres that exploded into the back of the net.  The home crowd and players went wild with joy and Fenedy also enjoyed the celebration.  Mitchelton dominated the later stages of the game but couldn’t equalize.  The Mitchelton team was pleased with the result as in the previous two games against Rochedale this season, they were beaten 8-0 and 9-0 only last week.  Mitchelton’s next game is in two weeks time against Brisbane Wolves.
Rochedale coach Kieran Cooper was surprised with the improvement from Mitchelton, which is yet to win a game after eight rounds. “We beat them 9-0 in the Premier Cup last week but they change their tactics, Tactically they did very well in defence and we were fairly comfortable until they scored. It was a bit scary after that. If they keep playing like that Mitchelton will soon get some good results and will start beating teams.”

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