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Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) has released the draw for the 2008 OFC Futsal Championships to be held in Fiji from June 8-14.

The tournament will be held at the Vodafone Arena in Suva and will be comprised of seven OFC nations including Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

The OFC Futsal Championship is held every four years with the winner progressing to the FIFA Futsal World Cup, which is this year held in Brazil in September.

2008 marks the first OFC Futsal Championship since Australia switched confederations from OFC to ASIA on January 1, 2006.

Australia has won the last four OFC Futsal Championships spanning back to 1992 and their absence will provide a great opportunity for other OFC nations to attend their first FIFA Futsal World Cup.

In the last tournament in 2004 New Zealand finished runners up to Australia with Vanuatu defeating Fiji in the third and fourth play-off. 2008 OFC Futsal Championships Draw:

Match Day 1 - 8 June 2008

Solomon Islands New Zealand

Tuvalu Vanuatu

Fiji New Caledonia

 Bye Tahiti

Match Day 2 - 9 June 2008

New Zealand Vanuatu

Solomon Islands New Caledonia

Tuvalu Tahiti

 Bye Fiji

Match Day 3 - 10 June 2008

Vanuatu New Caledonia

New Zealand Tahiti

Solomon Islands Fiji

 Bye Tuvalu

Match Day 4 - 11 June 2008

New Caledonia Tahiti

Vanuatu Fiji

New Zealand Tuvalu

 Bye Solomon Islands

Match Day 5 - 12 June 2008

Tahiti Fiji

New Caledonia Tuvalu

Vanuatu Solomon Islands

 Bye New Zealand

Match Day 6 - 13 June 2008

Fiji Tuvalu

Tahiti Solomon Islands

New Caledonia New Zealand

 Bye Vanuatu

Match Day 7 - 14 June 2008

Tuvalu Solomon Islands

Fiji New Zealand

Tahiti Vanuatu

 Bye New Caledonia

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