Yatel wins Tupuji !!!

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Tafea-team.jpgLast weekend matches at the Port Vila Football Stadium gave a surprise to the spectators and the regular football watchers. People walked in through the gate with their normal expectations on the clubs but that turned out differently.
Tupiuji Imere, the leading club on the PVFL table score was beaten by Yatel football club with a score of 2-0. This leaves Tupuji with 2 points difference to their leading score. The other match saw Tafea the champion club beat Amical football club with a very heavy score of 9-0. Westan Verts beat Pango Green Bird with a score of 5-0.
These results now put Tupuji leading with one point ahead of Yatel football club and Tafea showing up in the third place.
Also two former National players came back into field to play after being out for quite a while. Bruno Nicholas a longtime player of Tafea played in the Yatel football club and Ephraim Kalorib rejoined his club again. Their performances last weekend show that they still have the experience and skills to play.

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