ABUANGA de Pentecost Vainqueur du Together KIDS !

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Ivanna-Kasso.jpgAbuanga.jpgA sensational surprise this tuesday with the victory of Abuanga from North Pentecost Island, who has beaten in Final pool the schools of Erakor (Efate), Imaki (Tanna) and Ste Thérèse (Luganville). Coached by their teacher Reginald Garoleo, ex-player of the Vanuatu's squad, the Penama's boys have increased their level since the last tournament in Santo one week before, where they finished third, behind Ste Thérèse and Kamewa schools. And like a success never come alone, they have also win the trophee of the best school for the technical (juggling) tests. In individual, for the technical tests, the best player was Daniel Steeven Varufrom Ste Thérèse, followed ex-eaquo by Yvana Kasso (Erakor) and Joel Pierre (Kawenu - Efate). Yvana, young sister of Vanuatu Squad player Yelou Jean Robert is representing the future of the Female Football. In this programme, one girl had to play in each team.  The programme, sponsorised by the European Union, TVL  and with the help of the minister of Education and OFC, will continue for the next three years to come. The success of this first year guarantee already a great future for our youth Football.

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