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Flying Arrows Ba from Fiji have completed their participation in the 2008 Danone Nations Cup with some exciting performances against Indonesia, USA, Spain and Ireland.
On Saturday Fiji faced Indonesia in their first match and scored an emphatic 1-0 win which set them up for an afternoon date with the USA. Fiji battled hard and produced a determined competitive performance against the CONCACAF champions but e
ventually succumbed to a 1-0 loss.
On Sunday Fiji faced Spain in a battle for spots 21-24 in the tournament. Fiji fought hard before going down 3-1 and were drawn against Ireland for their final game of the tournament. Heavy legs and tired bodies got the better of the Fijian side in the final match and they lost 2-0, finishing a respectable 24th place in the tourn
ament of 40 internationl teams.
Year after year, the Danone Nations Cup goes from strength to strength. With some 40 teams taking part, over 27,000 spectators, 260 accredited journalists from every continent (32 nations represented) and ever greater enthusiasm, the Danone Nations Cup is the world's leading tournament for youngst
ers in the 10-12 age group. This year, seven new countries made their debut in the tournament - Mauritius, Egypt,Guatemala, India, Qatar, Fiji and the United States. Altogether, 800 young footballers from 40 countries wore their national colours with pride over the three days of the competition.
Besides being a fantastic showcase of sporting talent, the Danone Nations Cup is a real emotional adventure for the youngsters involved, complete with the tears of defeat and the joy of victory. In addition to the competitions, the 640 children spent four days sightseeing in Paris, visiting symbolic French landmarks like the EiffelTower and Trocadero, and taking a boat trip on the Seine. A unique opportunity for all these kids to live their dream to the fullest.
Once again, the Danone Nations Cup has succeeded in its aim: to give children from all over the world an unforgettable experience, under the knowing smile of Zinédine Zidane, an ambassador for ELA, an association to which the proceeds of the competition are donated.
Fiji Results
Friday 5 September
Fiji 0    Netherlands 0         (2-3 pens)
Fiji 2    Qatar    0
Fiji 0   Belgium 0                 (4-5 pens)
Saturday 6 September
Fiji 1   Indonesia 0
Fiji 0  USA 1
Sunday 7 September
Fiji 1 Spain 3

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